Welcome to BonVenture

Fund and Foundation for Social Responsibility

BonVenture is a partner for social entrepreneurs who solve pressing social or ecological problems and wish to increase their social impact. BonVenture supports those organizations with advice, financing and networking. On top of that, our constantly growing network of supporters allows for an effective collaboration between the social and economic sector in order to leverage innovative ideas.

Mission of BonVenture

BonVenture has the same mission as social entrepreneurs: We want to make an active contribution to the improvement of society. To accomplish this task we offer committed social entrepreneurs a partnership based on a spirit of trust. Just like them we act upon a sense of community when we dedicate our resources to social and ecological projects.


We help in our own back-yard: By financing social enterprises in German-speaking countries BonVenture contributes to the reduction of social and ecological problems.
BonVenture itself is a social business. For all its investments it takes into consideration both social and financial return on investment.